EEEK!!! i love pokemon! i was first introduced to pokemon from seeing figurines in shops and occasionally watching the anime on tv. piplup was my favourite. i remember having a piplup keychain before i had even played any of the games.

↑ this little dude

and then, my parents bought me...

this game was the beginning of my obsession
with pokemon. i would stay up to the early
hours of the morning playing it, hiding my ds
under my duvet any time my parents poked
their head in my room. the starter pokemon i
chose was a cyndaquil whom i named blaze.

after i had completed the game, i stopped playing pokemon for a long time, although i never fell out of love with it. that was until, for my birthday one year, i got...

although i was never as obsessed with
sun as i had been with heartgold, the
game reignited my love for pokemon.